Essay about Classification Of Antagonists With High Utilization Rates

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This essay illustrates the classification of antagonists according to their characteristics. The classification of antagonists is divided into two main categories, receptor antagonists and non-receptor antagonists. In receptor antagonists, it would be divided into competitive antagonists and non-competitive antagonists. In non-receptor antagonists, divided into chemical antagonists and physiological antagonists. In different categories, there are different examples to support the feature of the corresponding classification.

In clinical practice, there are many kinds of antagonists that can be used to treat different diseases. To understand the classification of antagonists is the premise of using them. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the principles of antagonist classification due to their characteristics and provide relevant examples and specific drugs. The first part is to introduce the basic conception and two main categories about antagonists. The second part is to illustrate the mechanism of antagonists in each category, the relevant examples used in clinical practice and drugs with high utilization rates. To evaluate the classification method of antagonists is the next part. The last section involves to the results found in this essay and further researching next program.

Antagonists are a class of molecules that can inhibit agonists, but do not produce effects. There are many types of antagonists available on the market. If antagonists can be…

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