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The fourth piece that the orchestra performed was Sinfonia in C major, Wq.182:3/H.659 by the German Classical period musician and composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the fifth child and third son of Johann Sebastian Bach. Born in Weimar (Germany), he initially intended for a legal career but turned to music while he was studying at Frankfurt University. In 1738 he became a harpsichord player in Berlin at the court of Frederick the Great, holding this post for almost three decades. Then he succeeded as director of church music at Hamburg. C. P. E. Bach applied unsuccessfully in 1750 to succeed his father at Leipzig after his death. His achievement was to develop sonata‐form and invest it with weight and imaginative quality, most evidently in his sonatas, of which there are over 200, but also in his symphonies, over fifty concertos, violin sonatas, and the solo flute sonata in A minor. Also composed 22 Passions, Magnificat (1749), the oratorios Die Israeliten in der Wüste (1769) and Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (1780), and many songs. He also wrote a celebrated treatise on klavier‐playing.

First, we hear a quite fast first movement in sonata form, which is typical form for the first movements of symphonies. However, the first theme is not repeat, which was not common in the Classical period. The transitions between the themes are so fast that it makes it hard to distinguish between them, unlike when we get to the
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