Essay about Classical Music And Its Effect On Students

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Classical music is the key to a relaxed mind, a happy strive, and the confidence to thrive. Hence, many students can greatly benefit from the fact of listening to classical music during their exams or classwork, because it can help students to relax, be happy, provide them with confidence, and promote better grades and successful students. Therefore, classical music should be allowed in schools.
Initially, classical music is the type of music that provides relaxation and creates a just go with the flow type of feeling. It also has many soothing rhythms and chords that can make someone close their eyes, and feel as if he or she is sitting in a grand auditorium, while watching the individuals play it live. Therefore, classical music can be relaxing for many students, because it can help ease the stress that many of them have during exams and classwork.
Without a doubt, many students will have the ability to perform better on their work with less tension by listening to that type of genre. According to the University of South Carolina News, “Classical music helps you relax even when you don’t pay attention to the music,” (2014). Explaining that many students have the opportunity to become relaxed and engaged in their exams without having to pay attention to the music, because some usually do not recognize the music after a certain period of time.
Personally speaking, during my senior year of high school, I was taking an English class exam, and the teacher decided to play…

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