Classical Liberalism And Its Impact On Society Essays

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I believe that classical liberalism sets out the best possible way to organize a functional society. I will discuss why liberalism is the leading way to manage a body of people due to their perspective regarding human nature, human rights as well as their ideas about limited government and free trade. Overtime, we have seen that humans are naturally self-sufficient and are in no way dependent upon others. This provides the reasoning that a large-scale government is needless. Independent individuals allow a society to prosper with a free trade economy because humans are self-motivated and those who aspire to succeed can do so. Although these reasons are what make liberalism superior to any other way a civilization could be managed or organized, there are competing schools of thought that question the ideals of liberalism. Communitarianism, conservatism and anarchism are a few of the ideologies that differ from the perspectives that liberals have. Although each of these ideologies have valid points, they do not bear the coherent reasoning that classical liberalism possesses. In regards to human nature, liberals’ views are accurate as they believe humans are self-sufficient beings and are capable of doing things on their own. With this being said, communitarianism differs from the theories of traditional liberalism. Communitarians believe that humans are social, compassionate and interdependent beings (Communitarianism Lecture). This means that humans care for one another…

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