Essay on Classical Intelligence Test And Option B

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1. I took option A: Classical Intelligence Test and option B:

2. I was surprised with my results because I scored ten points higher on option A than option B. I thought to myself the increase in IQ points may have occurred due to the simple fact that there was a greater time limit and more questions on option A than option B. Option A consisted of fifty-seven questions with a thirty minute time limit, while option B consisted only of thirty questions with a fifteen-minute time limit. However, I was anticipating scoring higher on option A because I took it first thing in the morning after breakfast. On the other hand, I took option B right after taking option A; I was most certainly a little bit more tired while taking option B which caused me to miss a few easy questions here and there. Overall, the results of the two tests were in the general same range, and there was not too much of a drastic gap between the IQ scores.

3. I felt confident in the beginning and towards the middle in option A. The beginning and middle questions were mainly comprised of pattern matching, number series, and word correspondence. I was familiar with many types of questions that were introduced in the beginning and middle in option A. Furthermore, I began to feel frustrated with option A towards the end. For example, the questions asked me to assume two statements are true and then draw a conclusion from the two statements with absolute certainty. The ending questions…

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