Classical Greek Culture Essay

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What would you do if there was no clean water, where you work is where you parent work, or if you are poor than you are going to be poor for your entire life? Greek expanding started around from 400 B.C.E and ended around 150 B.C.E (Cole 83). It was a time of city-state, and expansion and innovation. While many culture have influence modern world today, Classical Greek have influenced the development of the Democracy, the Aqueducts, and Western though. To begin with, U.S.A, British, German politic are the evolution of Classical Greek democracy system. First of all the notion of citizen span back all the way to the classical Greek. While modern citizen are available to all who apply to country such as U.S.A, “there were also members of the state who were not citizen” (Dickerson 55). This compose of artisans and slaves, who …show more content…
For example the idea of class system in society should not be a thing. Zeno a philosopher in classical Greek stated that “that society should not be divided into classes” (Jones 83). It influence on how modern world today, where one can climb the ladder of society or simply became wiser and not be restricted by their class. Furthermore Philosopher such as Aristotle influence the scientific experiment. His philosophy and idea geared on how the “workings of the world through empirical knowledge” (Jones 83) or sensory experience. This idea influence how the scientific method is used by scientist to understand how thing work in our world through asking a question, and then testing it. In conclusion, Classical Greek influence modern greatly on our Republican system, Pluming system, and the way Western culture think. Without classical Greek influence, modern politic may be different, and simple luxury such as running water may not even be around. Furthermore there may not be any chance for advancing in society if there wasn’t philosopher and their philosophy such as Aristotle, or

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