Classical Dance Vs. Modern Dance Essay

1540 Words Nov 26th, 2016 7 Pages
In the wake of the 20th century, a canon known as modern dance emerged. Dissatisfied with the shallow characteristics that ballet embodied, dancers began searching for a more meaningful form of movement. Not often receiving the public attention and appreciation that dance styles require to earn artistic respect, modern dance was perpetually pushed away from art culture (Foulkes). It lacked the strictness of curriculum, which held ballet in such high esteem. I am going to discuss one of, if not the, most important figure in modern dance history, and show how her accomplishments helped to secure the modern dance canon. Martha Graham demanded that her work be accurately reproduced, so she created rules for her movement. Moreover, modern dancers demanded curriculum to practise, and modern dance’s identity required curriculum in order to be accepted as a viable form of dance. I will start by explaining some of the decisive moments in Graham’s early career, which are important for understanding how much her work means for the existence of the modern dance canon. Then, I will explain exactly how her work supports the existence of the modern dance canon, and how in establishing a curriculum for modern dance, it legitimized it’s form. Following this, I will talk about the nature of dance as a form of art to further stress the need for curriculum, and finally, I will talk about the practical use of her style of movement in various modern dance schools, including the Martha Graham…

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