Classical Conditioning Essay example

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Classical Conditioning
July 9, 2012
Dr. Ming Zheng

Classical Conditioning Introduction
Concept of Classical Conditioning and Factors that Affect Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning is learning which has been acquired by experience (Terry, 2009). Pavlov was the first one to experiment classical conditioning by training dogs how to salivate when they heard a bell ring. In order for Pavlov to be able to do this, the first step was to show the dogs food. The showing of food would cause the dogs to salivate. Afterward, Pavlov would ring a bell whenever he brought food out. The experimenter continued to this many times. Eventually, by the time the
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The measurement of conditioning is performed after the sequence of exposures. Several episodes of exposure may be necessary for a conditioned change. An example of acquisition is when a dog is rewarded with a bone for a trick repeatedly. The dog will eventually perform the trick at the sight of the treat.
Extinction is the phenomena where the conditioned stimulus is altered. The conditioned stimulus is followed by an unconditioned stimulus altering with a conditioned stimulus not followed by an unconditioned stimulus. The premise of this phenomenon is that the strength of conditioned response progressively decreases (McSweeny & Bierly, 1984). The deletion of the unconditioned stimulus may cause the conditioned response to wane or discontinue. The unconditioned stimulus is the trigger for the conditioned response, in this case. An example of extinction is a person smokes when in a bar and others are smoking. The same person goes to a bar without smoking and doesn’t smoke.
Generalization is the phenomena where an association is made between the conditioned stimulus and similar stimuli. The conditioned response occurs to other conditioned stimuli to the extent it resembles the first conditioned stimulus (McSweeney & Bierly, 1984). A problem with generalization is that the original stimulus is not distinguished from other stimuli. Another problem with these phenomena is

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