Classical Conditioning And Operant Conditioning Essay

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Behaviorist perspective
Behavioral psychology which is also known as behaviorism is the theory of learning which is built on the idea that behaviors are conditioned responses. People learn from their environment. There are two main approaches to conditioned learning; classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is based on natural reflexes and neutral stimuli. Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov is one of the most famous psychologists in behaviorism. Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. Operant conditioning; also modifying behavior, is based on whether the behavior will or will not be awarded a negative or positive consequences. the ability to change behaviors also helps with reducing phobias and assists with aversion therapy, this is called systematic desensitization. Behaviorism focuses on the change in people’s actions, emotions, and thoughts. The behavioral psychologist believes that emotional and mental disorder can be reformed with behavior-altering approaches. With behaviorism there are four different recognized sub-disciplines; applied behavior analysis, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy. Applied behavior analysis is when interventions are systematically applied to help improve behaviors. The applied interventions are to be responsible for improved behavior. Behavior therapy focuses on changing or replacing unwanted behaviors with a healthier behavior. Cognitive therapy is used to…

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