Classical Conditioning And Operant Conditioning Essay

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Learning is a concept in which a person’s way of life is changed by way of experience. Learning is important is our developmental process. This is because we learn about what is right and what is wrong by personal experience or by parental guidance. Everything around us influences our thoughts and actions. Two types of learning are classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Each conditioning method has a distinct way of invoking a change in the behaviors and actions in a subject.
Conditioning is a method of changing a person’s behavior by giving them positive or negative reinforcement for every feat they make until they realize which actions cause rewards and which actions cause negative reactions. Classical conditioning, or Pavlovian conditioning, is a form of learning in which a subject learns to respond to a stimulus that unconsciously, when paired with another stimulus, causes an spontaneous response (Lilienfeld, 2014, p. 208). Operant conditioning, or instrumental conditioning, is creating a conditioned response through the use of consequences based on a subject’s behavior (Lilienfeld, 2014, p. 216). A subject receives positive or negative reinforcement or punishment to condition its behavior. Classical and operant conditioning are not the same because classical conditioning involves the association of two different stimuli to provoke a response from one of the two, while operant conditioning involves a form of participation in order to see a response to a certain…

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