Classic Rock Vs Fdp Essay

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Queen or FFDP Are you a headbanger or a classic rock kind of person? If you listen to rock and go to concerts then you would understand that question, but seriously are you a classics fan or a hard rock fan? I’m a rock fan regardless, I listen to Queen, Led Zeppelin, FFDP, A7X, George Thorogood, Zombie, you name it. My opinion is that their both good, but not everyone is meant for one kind of music. In here i'm going to explain to you why there both good choices of music, but for different kinds of people by comparing and contrasting. The most obvious difference is that hard rock is a little more, dark and the classics are happy. Classic rock covers several different topics and emotions, sometimes the dark but not a lot. An example of a …show more content…
For starters there both rock, but there has got to be more or we wouldn't even be doing this. Both types of music excite listeners with there lyrics. An example of which would be if you played “Crazy Train” without lyrics, Some people would listen to it, but not most. Musicians in these groups also play the same instruments and playing styles. Only hard rock is more intense and sometimes repetitive. They also have similar if not the same topics, songs like “Don't fear the Reaper” or “Coming Home” are considered both genres. It’s obviously impossible to pinpoint the exact moment when heavy metal was born, but exploring the genre’s origins makes it crystal clear that classic rock artists had no small part in its development. Artists like “The Who,” “Iron Maiden,” “Volbeat,” and many more are considered the ones who made hard rock. “Who’s Who of both hard and classic rock musicians” (Robinson) Their not only are they similar, their practically identical, but their aimed at different audiences.
Heavy rock is aimed at the more intense crowd of listeners, the dark, the adult, the feelings. Classic rock however is aimed at everyone’s interests, covering several different topics for a bigger crowd and it tends to have more allusions. Listening to hard rock is technically listening to a sub genre of the classics. Whether or not you are a classic rocker or a heavy rocker you enjoy it. They are both good versions of rock, only intended for different

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