Class System in Pakistan Essay

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In this paper I would like to introduce interrelated propositions about the Social structure of

Pakistan: (i) that Pakistan society is characterized by a social stratification process which is

compensatory in nature; (ii) that the compensatory process of social stratification over the years

has given rise to status-centric value orientation; and (iii) that the most significant indicator of

status-centric orientation is emergence of artificial middle class which can be distinguished from

real middle class in terms of norms.


They originated as the cast system in the time of divin-reite monarchs, Upper related to, or

favored by the monarchy. Middle related to management, legal and business.
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The upper middle class tends to have great influence over the course of society.

Occupations which require high educational attainment, are well-compensated and are held in high public esteem such as physicians, lawyers, engineers, scientists and professors are largely considered to be upper middle class. The very well-educated are seen as trend setters with movements such as the anti-smoking movement, pro-fitness movement, organic food movement, and environmentalism being largely indigenous to this particular socio-economic grouping. Education serves as perhaps the most important value and also the most dominant entry barrier of the upper middle clas


The USC and MSC education are met different like USC study in foreign country like oxford university and MSC are study in local university of their country but income size will found more different their houses are different their house are not huge and not think for a huge house of defense and think a house of Gulshan-e-iqbal their population is 28% out of the total population their population is 53 to 54 million of the total population

They are actually

* They are small to medium size business man.

* Middle management

* Low ranking govt officer

And the big difference in USC and MSC is house concentration they focus more to their

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