Essay on Class Size And Teacher Job Satisfaction

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Introduction According to Wyss et al. (2007) students in smaller class sizes receive more instruction time, individual attention and more opportunities to participate. Also, Price and Terry (2008) reported that teachers prefer and feel more comfortable teaching smaller class sizes. Lastly, they explained teachers are more satisfied with their job when their class size is small. Despite the academic benefits of small classes, class size reduction has still not occurred.
Search Criteria
The researcher searched ProQuest and EBSCO databases for research related to small class sizes in elementary schools. The following keywords were searched: small class size, benefits of small class sizes, student and teacher ratio and teacher and student relationships. The studies used for this research occurred in the United States, involved middle and high school students and focused on the benefits of small class sizes.
Small Class Size and Teacher Satisfaction
Price and Terry (2008) investigated the relationship between class size and teacher job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is important because it contributes to teacher turnover, which impacts student academic achievement (Price & Terry, 2008). Price and Terry (2008) surveyed and conducted focus groups with teachers grouped by class size. Group one included teachers who had less than 19 students, group two included teachers who had 19-24 students and group three included teachers who had more than 24 students in their class. The…

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