Class Size And Student Learning Essay

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Class Size and Student Learning
With cities and towns growing, school classrooms have become more crowded. The teachers can become overworked, and the students sometimes do not get the help they need to succeed academically. When teachers feel that they are unable to teach, and have to spend more time on classroom management, some are deciding to leave the profession. Many disciplinary issues could be avoided with smaller classrooms, and the students that need the extra help could receive it. A lot of teachers would rather have better working conditions than higher wages, so they can do what they went to school for: to teach the future teachers, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. Children need to feel they are someone, and that they are not worthless. Class size affects learning in several ways; it impacts how teachers instruct students, affects student behavior, and creates issues for special needs students.
When becoming a teacher, the size of the classroom is not normally a factor in making that decision. Most people become teachers to help students become responsible, educated adults. The reality of the classroom comes later when trying to find the time to make lesson plans, teach and manage the students. It can become overwhelming, and not just for new teachers. When the classrooms are too large, teachers spend more time on classroom management than teaching. The time spent on academics is often lost, and the students who need the extra time do not get it (Fan, 2012).…

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