Essay about Class, Race, Gender, And Race

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Class, gender, and race are all simple words that have powerful meanings attached to them. The meanings of words are socially derived, which are negotiated through interaction with others (O’ Brien). We have used these words as a way to separate and rank people. This has led to the separation of society and has created several conflicts between people. This paper will be analyzing how the American society ranks people in terms of class, race and gender. It will also assess why these rankings influence our perceptions of people and how they contribute to discrimination. A reality is constructed through interaction (Mehan & Wood). These interactions are the origins of stereotypes. Stereotyping is normal for human nature. We stereotype as a mechanism to better understand the world around us in a simplified manner. Even if we have direct experience with certain events, it is never really direct and primarily, our reality is always organized into the stereotypes that have already been created (Mills). American society ranks stereotypes people in various categories. The most common categories are race, class, and gender. Each of these categories is taken into account to classify a person’s social status. Categorizing people is not necessarily a bad thing. However, American society often ranks these categories and as a result, people face discrimination based on their ranking.
Class orders society by dividing people based on economic status. Fussel categorizes people in three…

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