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The course Reading and Writing across the curriculum was expectedly an eye opener for me. As per usual with courses taught by Dr. Saul and Mrs. Rock, I expected to be involved in activities which showed the importance of reading and writing across all subject matter in the curriculum. My first thoughts of reading and writing were that it was linked exclusively to Language Arts but this course has shown the importance of reading and writing throughout the curriculum.

The first topic that intrigued me was Chall’s Stages of Reading Development. These six (6) stages show step by step the process of reading development a child undertakes straight up to adulthood. By having an understanding of these stages and the characteristics that
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Another topic that captured my attention is Reading to Learn and Learning to Read. I have learnt that there is a major difference between the two even though they are linked. Learning to read is essentially acquiring the skills in order to read which are awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, motivation and confidence. Reading to learn is the ability of using the skills said above to better comprehend, question, analyze, summarize and synthesize text. In reading to learn, students are told what they are expected to learn from the text before reading and should be able to summarize after. As students begin to read to learn, the need to read for comprehension and meaning becomes very important. Strategies like questioning and visualizing are instrumental in helping students understand material. So it is clear that both learning to read and reading to learn are important in the development of reading and writing skills across the curriculum as they provide a basis for the teaching of all concepts in all content areas.

The importance of text structure was also found to be very important. Text structure refers to the organization of text and Meyer (1985) states that as authors write text to communicate an idea that they will use a text structure that goes along with the idea. Structures like compare and contrast,

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