Class Grow Out Project : The Broiler Industry Essay example

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Class Grow Out Project The broiler industry makes up a huge part of the agricultural sector and continues to expand with each passing day. With the cheapest price per pound and a feed conversion ratio second only to catfish, chicken is the one of the most economical viable sources of protein. With the population of the world expected to reach over nine billion people before 2050, intellectual minds must find a way to expand our current food production by almost seventy percent with the same amount of land. Auburn University students are learning everyday what concepts the broiler industry have used in order to gain larger carcass yields than fifty years prior and how the industry can still obtain more carcass yield gains. Sexual dimorphism, stocking density, and light intensity are just some of the concepts that affect the decisions of modern day broiler companies when it comes to rearing chickens for human consumption. These three individual variables may seem insignificant, but without the careful planning and understanding of these concepts millions of dollars would be lost every year. In order to learn the importance of these concepts, students had to raise a group of 360 chickens of different sexes, with different light intensity exposures, and different stocking densities in order to truly grasp these concepts. These three different concepts set up the foundation of this experiment as the variables tested. With each variable a hypothesis is given as to how one thinks…

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