Co Education Observation

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This observation aims to describe the class environment of an integrated co-teaching classroom. It is geared towards identifying appropriate instructional strategies and modifications being used to create an engaging and inclusive class setting. In the end, I hope to have a better understanding of the instructional strategies used to instruct the teaching curriculum.
I observed a least restrictive second-grade ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) co-ed class, which is located in an urban community. The ratio for the class was 25:2:2, which consists of one general education teacher, a special education teacher and two paraprofessionals who provided exceptional services to particular students who needed their support. These four educators worked cohesively
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Both teachers took their chief role in the classroom by sitting next to an easel with students facing them. A paraprofessional sat at the back of the group with a male student seated next to her while the other paraprofessional took a student to the restroom. The general education teacher began the lesson by teaching students how to model hundred, tens and ones and how to use a number sentence to describe the total number. They instructed the group using quick pictures and manipulative to engage students. The special education teacher was observed pacing the room while students drew their models on their mini-whiteboard. This was an example of formative assessment as she watched the models each student drew so as to assess whether they understand the concepts taught. This technique also modeled the one teach one support integrated co-teaching model. After pacing the room, the special education teacher also sat beside the general education teacher and retaught the concepts of the lesson using models. Friend and Cook 2000 supported inclusion as they defined “Co-teaching as a specific service delivery option that is based on collaboration.” After that activity, students sat in different groups to complete the activity in their go math workbook. During an interview with the special education teacher, I was told that the purpose of forming the different heterogeneous groups was to address the needs seen while observing students as she noticed that there were a few students who did not grasp the concepts of the lesson. She further indicated that she would sit at the large table at the rear of the room and further instruct students who did not comprehend the concepts while the students who seemed to grasp the concepts will sit at the front of the class and work independently under the supervision and guidance of the general education

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