Essay on Class At The Same Way I Start Every Class

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The class opened the same way I start every class: asking if there are question’s from the previous day’s class or assignment. There were not any questions. The first five minutes of class I informed the students what was on the agenda for the day and introduced the day’s topic. We spent the next ten minutes discussing plot, character, and setting. I lead the discussion and the students provided their own insights on the subject. The ratio of student to teacher talk during this period was 60% teacher and 40% student. As always, a few students talked the majority of the student time, and some students required blind calling to ensure they engaged with the class.
After the first discussion, I transitioned the class and took five minutes to explain the plan for the rest of the period. The students would assembly into groups of three and delve into each other’s idea drafts to develop a narrative for their essay focusing on character, plot, and setting. After 15 minutes they would rotate into new groups of three with three rotations. While the students worked with each other, I would work with one student at a time at my desk. I spend approximately 2-5 minutes with each student in the class discussing ways they could turn their ideas drafts into an essay. The ratio of teacher to student talk during individual discussion varied, but the average came close to 50/50. The teacher’s talk time was split in half: 50% of the time questioning and 50% explaining and expanding on the…

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