Clash Between India And Pakistan Essay examples

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The article Clash of Civilizations begins by speaking on why there will be a clash of civilizations, where he gives a total of six explanations, and then he focuses by acknowledging that these clashes will take place on cultural fault lines whether they be distant countries, neighboring countries, or internal cultural borders within a specific country. This section mostly hits on the clash between the ideologies of the west vs. Islam. The author then goes on to explain how the civilizations of the west have pitted themselves against all of the other civilizations while assuming that they are the superior ideology. The rest of the article delves into examples of geographical locations that are partaking in the clash of civilizations. One place where the clash has been glaringly obvious is the border between India and Pakistan. Before the British partition of India in 1947 the majority of the Muslims resided in the west of the country, which would later become Pakistan, and the majority of the local Hindus resided in the eastern chunk of the country which would become the defined borders of India. These two civilizations had been in constant battle for as long as most could remember. The ideologies of Islam, and the ideologies of the Hindus just could not mesh, and their cooperation with each other was little to none. With the constant clash occurring between the two civilizations, the British had decided to step in in attempts to keep a possibly pending civil ethnic war at…

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