Clarity In Climate Modeling Brian Hayes Analysis

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In “Clarity in Climate Modeling” Brian Hayes explains that our planet Earth has gone through extreme climate changes throughout the years. But we, the inhabitants of planet Earth, have been the cause of these drastic changes. To slow these changes down we need to work together as a unit. In his article, the author states that this has proven to be the biggest challenge, but making climate models available to the public may make a difference. In the second half of the essay Hayes explains that creating a climate model that everyone can use has proven to be much more difficult than he expected. Writing for readers of the American Scientist magazine, Hayes describes his own experience with different types of climate models and how he became a “hobbyist”. He explains the “barriers” that come with certain programs and the intricacy of these models. Hayes states that, “any successful strategy for addressing the problem will depend on public understanding of what …show more content…
I have not been well-educated on the topic of global warming and climate change. The only real experience that I recall about this topic was what I learned last semester in an Intro to Biology class. I completely agree with his conclusion that a model should be developed that everyone can access and use with ease. If this was accessible this could be used in schools. Children would be made aware of the dangers of some of the things we are doing that are causing the “rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases [that] trigger abrupt shifts in the planet’s climate...”. As a young adult I still do not completely understand the negative effects that we have caused the Earth or how we are affecting the climate. A well written, easy to use model could very much so be the thing that supplies me with the information I need to understand climate change

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