Clara's Day Essay

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Clara´s day

A summary of the Clara behaves through the day

The story is about a girl named Clara, who one day decides to take of all her clothes in school assembly hall. It was already planet from the morning, since she didn’t have any underwear on when she went to school. After she had taken of her clothes, she went up in a physics classroom, where she took a science overall on and sat down at her desk. A teacher came in and asked her to take her clothes on again, but Clara didn’t want that. The teacher says that Clara should go on with some homework then. Most of the day people came up to Clara and said “well done” or patted her on the shoulder, to say that they were in a way proud of her. Later that day the headmistress wants
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The way she pulled her dressing-gown more closely round her body, when Stan came, seems like she doesn't want him to come near her. She also describes his man smell as very powerful, and that could seem like something she doesn't like, because the word: smell usually is used to describe something negative.

Characterization of Clara’s relationship with her mother and Stan

Clara is very well aware of the fact that she will draw attention and that the Head will send a letter to her mother. That is why she does it. Clara and her mother don’t have a good relationship. Her mother is very selfish and self-centered. She doesn’t show any interest in Clara and her life, all of her energy is being used on Stan and their relationship. Clara and her mother barely talk to each other. Maybe that is the reasons why Clara doesn’t confide in her.

A final answer to why Clara undressed in the assembly hall and why she cried after her mother and Stan have left?

A shortage of attention from her mother’s side result in a sad and isolated daughter, who makes a desperate attempt to get her mother’s attention. Also the lack of someone to look up to is leaving her with many questions about herself. That again results in some identity issues. Clara feels like no one understands her. At the end of the story she just sits and cries, because she realizes that she failed. When the mother reads the letter, she doesn’t show a bit of attention and interest in

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