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Criminal Procedure Probable Cause Article Mario Velazquez
CJA 364
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Criminal Procedure Probable Cause Article
Manuel Celis-Acosta is accused to be the ring leader of the Fast and Furious Operation who helped organize the transfer and purchase of about 2,000 weapons to the Sinaloa Castel. He is also accused of providing the weapons used in the kill of border patrol agents Brian Terry. In April 2, 2010 Manuel was stopped by Phoenix Police and booked to jail for cocaine possession and two handguns were confiscated by police at that stop. Manuel Acosta followed by ATF agents for 18 months for the Fast and Furious Operation was previously arrested twice in 2010 violation related to drugs and guns but he was released.
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Carrillo, a week before been arrested he became officially a Fast and Furious suspect. DEA and ATF listened to Acosta’s conversation during this period of time as well as they installed cameras outside of Acosta’s house to watch the guns purchased illegally accumulate in his garage. The cameras were installed specifically for the investigation of the illegal weapons purchase but Acosta was caught committing other crimes by this cameras.
Reports from the Police showed that six months later on October 14 at around midnight, Acosta was at home with his family when his mother saw two guys taking some shotguns outside from the garage so she screamed. The Reports showed that Acosta picked up a gun from his bedroom and took off outside shooting the whole clip from a .45 caliber handgun to a green Mustang that it was use to escape.
According to a police interview with Acosta that night, "Manuel began running toward the street and as soon as he cleared a small group of palm trees, he closed his eyes and began firing his handgun one handed in the same direction that (his brother Daniel and father Adolfo) were firing. When I asked what Daniel was firing at he stated 'nothing' and that he just closed his eyes and began shooting." (Main Suspect In Operation Fast And Furious Arrested Twice Before, Report Shows, 2014).
Police recuperated 18 used shell casings

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