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CJA 364 Week 1 Individual Assignment Criminal Procedure Policy

Prepare a1,050- to1,400-word analysis in which you compare and contrast the role due process and crim control models have on shaping criminal procedure policy.Inyouranalysis, be sure to include a reviewa nd assessment ofthe following and the impactonthecriminaljustice systemasappliedto due process and crimecontrolmodels:

Fourth,Fifth,Sixth,andFourteenthAmendments oftheUnited States Constitution.

The applicability of The Bill of Rights to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Why or why not?

CJA 364 Week 3 Individual Assignment Criminal Procedure Probable Cause Article Summary

Locate a recent news article on the Internet,concerning probablecause and criminal procedure.

Write a350- to 1,050-wordsummaryinwhichyouanalyzethe requirementsforsearch and arrestwarrants arebased withregard to probablecause. Besuretodiscuss exceptionstowarrantrequirements.

Format your essay consistent with APA 6th edition guide lines using at least 4peer reviewed sources,one of which is the course text.

You must Include headings aspart of structurally organizing your paper.

CJA 364 Week 3 Team Assignment Search and Seizure

Write a700- to 1,400-word paper in which you define search,seizure, arrest, and reasonable ness according to thecriminal justice system.In your paper,address thefollowing itemsand examine how privacy is affected by searches,seizures, arrest, and reasonableness:

The concept of“StopandFrisk”

Automobile searchrules

Border and regulatory searches

Format your essay consistent withAPA 6th edition guidelines using at least

5peer reviewed sources,oneofwhichisthe course text.

You must Include headings aspart of structurally organizing your paper.

Discussion Question

what is “stop and frisk?” How does ‘stop and frisk apply to search, seizure and arrests within the criminal justice system? Is there a better solution to

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