Cja 334 Complete Class Essay

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CJA 334 Complete Class
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To be proficient in research, one must know language and process. During this assignment, you will familiarize yourself with research terminology as you use the terms to write your paper. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you describe the research process.
Include the following:
• Include new terminology learned from the reading.
• How will this new terminology and knowledge apply to a career in criminal justice?
• How can not knowing the proper terminology affect you as you conduct criminal
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Why? • What are some distinct advantages of a qualitative data-gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over more quantitative approaches? • When conducting survey research, how important is informed consent and confidentiality? Include at least two scholarly references, not including your textbooks or weekly readings.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Discussion Questions
Why are time-series designs particularly useful in criminal justice studies?
What effect does questionnaire wording have on response surveys, public opinion polls, and victim surveys?
What are some considerations one must take into account in doing Internet surveys?

CJA 334 week 3 Team Assignment Research Proposal, Part I
Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Research Proposal, Part I; and “The Literature Review; A Few Tips on Conducting It”
Review the assignment details, located in University of Phoenix Material: Research Proposal, Part I. Additional instructions are listed in Week Five. Submit Part I to your facilitator for review
Discussion Questions
What is a standard deviation?
What is a null hypothesis?
Find 3-5 different terrorist groups and provide a synopsis or summary of the particular group. To locate the background summaries:
You are going on a scavenger hunt. Using the UOP library, find 3 different criminal justice-related topics and provide a synopsis of summary of the particular topic
Find 2-3 criminal

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