Cja 304 - Technology and Communication Essay

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Technology and Communication
Nikkeya West
CJA 304
March 25, 2012
Clark Nissen
University Of Phoenix

Technology and Communication In today’s world we have progressed far past Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity. We have shaped and molded technology to provide us with less hassle, less work and a more convenient way to communicate. In the world of crime, technological advances have taken us above and beyond as we master to seek the truth through polygraph tests, or the way we link a suspect through DNA samples from a crime scene ; Even the way we have administered technology with the death penalty has advanced far beyond we ever imagined. Technology has been useful to solving many crimes and will continue to advance
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So how does facial recognition work? Well it is more complex than scanning photos on Facebook; identix, is one popular developer of facial recognition, as it’s unique software, FaceIt, can easily pick a face from a crowd and compare it to the database of stored images. (Bonser, 2001) This software as well as other facial recognition software pulls a face image from background images and measures various features such as distinguishable landmarks. These landmarks are present on every face and are how we recognize others on a daily basis; some examples are the width between eyes, nose, the shape of our face, and size of noses or lips, or jawline. Facial recognition has been beneficial to law enforcement agencies through decreasing voter fraud, foreign affairs, and tracking crimes throughout airports and banks. Similar to facial recognition is that of Iris scanning which is also beneficial to law enforcement. Many places that require more high-security are resorting to iris scanning due to the chance of detecting the wrong iris is 1 in 10 to the 78th power. (Wilson, 2005) “They also allow more than 200 points of reference for comparison, as opposed to 60 or 70 points in fingerprints.” (Wilson, 2005) Such camera takes a picture of each person’s unique iris and records it into a database. This is often high priced and while it’s not as free flowing as

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