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Jail and Prison

CJA 234

Jails and prisons from the outside perspective seem to have the same meaning. Although jails

and prisons are a part of the criminal justice system correctional system, the fact is jails and

prisons are different. The jail system is a short-term facility where inmates are confined until

their trial date. State and Federal prisons are long-term facilities where inmates are confined after

being convicted.

The roles and functions of jails throughout history set the standards for jail. An inmate is

taken after they have been arrested for committing a crime. Jail is a short-term location for

inmates who are awaiting trial or
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The Cook County

Sheriff’s office categorized by divisions. There are different types of jails and prisons. Each

security level has rules and restrictions, they have some similarities but, they are different. The

higher the security level the more restrictions are in place.

In state prisons inmates are classified by security levels. The security level is determined by

each state. Inmates are categorized by the type of problems they have and their violence level.

The common levels of security for state prisons are low, medium, high, and maximum security.

States do not categorize the security levels with the same name even though the definitions are

the same. Jails, state prisons, and federal prisons have the same theory, which is protecting the

public by ensuring the accused and convicted are detained.

There are five security levels in the federal prisons system: minimum, low, medium, high,

and administrative. According to the Federal of Bureau of Prisons website the highest percentage

of inmates is in low security. The different security levels are necessary to confine the offenders

appropriately. The minimum security institutions are known as Federal Prison Camp (FPCs).

The FPC’s have limited perimeter fencing. The low security institutions are known as Federal

Correctional Institutions (FCIs). The FCI’s have double-fenced perimeters. The medium security

FCI’s have double-fenced perimeters

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