Civil Wars And The Civil War Essay

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Violent conflict has become commonplace with the growth of civil wars within the last few decades, with a significant portion of countries having been involved in such a conflict since the 1960’s. The frequency of civil wars in modern society means this essay takes the prime focus of civil war conflicts. There are many different causes of violent conflict, this essay will focus on two of these causes. The first will be the socio-economic factor of horizontal inequality and poverty within these countries. This factor puts emphasis on fact that countries that have high levels of poverty and inequality along ethnic, regional or political lines, tend to participate in the most violent conflicts. The second cause of violent conflict which this essay will examine shall be the political factors of the power struggle amongst the elite. This factor stresses that violent conflicts are caused by a contest of greed between several different elites trying to wrestle for power. Both factors shall be looked at with the case study of the First Liberian Civil War in mind; which took place from 1989 to 1997, to help further examine these causes of violent conflict.
This essay deals with conflict which Samuel Ngamia defines as is as an expressed struggle between multiple actors who have goals which are incompatible with regarding to obtaining resources, influence, or power. The first cause of violent conflict that shall be discussed is the socio-economic factor of horizontal inequality and…

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