Civil War Essay

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The United States became a much more developed society after the Civil War. Industrialization improved American life in many ways, however, industrialization also created difficulties for American Society.
There are many examples to support industrialization after the Civil War. One example would be the proportion of high school graduates. America saw an upsurge in 17 year old graduates upright the Civil War. This meant that the nation was going to have more cultivated people who partook in government matters and a change in the type of people who detained jobs. However, the number of employed children under 15 years old was also increasing. This meant that these kids who were supposed to be getting an education, were being
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The poor kept living in bad conditions while the rich (most of them) turn their backs on them.
The violation of the working people encouraged people to join the America’s labor movement and to join unions. The unions were meant to demand higher pay lower wages and better working conditions. Labor unions were meant to free the workers from the tyrannies which served to make his existence a slavery. Industrialization combination helped in the process of Industrialization, however I don’t believe as Rockefeller did that they were so good for the people at least not for the poor and immigrants. If industries of the same type combined that means a bad thing for the consumers. The industry then becomes a monopoly and its leaders would change the price they desire for their products. Rockefeller was in favor of industrial combinations because he was a businessman and of course was something good for his industry. The technological advances made by the nation increased more things to make life easier especially for women. The mass production of goods made them cheaper and thus easier to acquire the standard of living of many people went up. Also rich people such as Carnegie used their money to improve society not only to become wealthy and live a good life.
In conclusion, industrialization helped improve American life but also had its negative effects. The exploitation of workers led to the formation of

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