Essay on Civil War And Reconstruction Era

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In 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation liberated all slaves in states that were insubordinate. In addition, slaves paid the cost for their flexibility as liberation presented fresh hardships, insecurities, and mortification. However, during the post-Civil War and Reconstruction Era, a slave’s battle for opportunity transformed into a simple battle for survival. Furthermore, most slaves were discharged from their former plantations poor and broke. As a matter of fact, compensation for African Americans likewise changed in light of the apparent worth of that individual and difficult work was considered effectively replaceable amid the post-Civil War era. With pay being an issue, some ex-slaves had the capacity to have their own territory. There were numerous white individuals that declined to acknowledge ex-slaves as free persons. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are no more a slave, the principle sympathy toward African Americans was to discover their relatives they were isolated from due to slavery. Likewise, some free slaves went on voyages searching for each other and looking for slight leads that may help them rejoin. In addition, some free slaves even posted ads in the daily paper to locate each other. Now, those families who did succeed in reuniting experienced joy and happiness, along with the stress of trying to rebuild their relationships. As a matter of fact, some free slaves that had a desire to preserve their families intact, continued to motivate…

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