Civil War And Reconstruction During American History Essay

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Civil War & Reconstruction The civil war was the deadliest war in American history. Many things can be contributed to the combustion of the civil war. As the United States began to gain more wealth, and more land there was a need for better regulation of affairs internal in the American colonies. There is a kaleidoscope of issues that span from colony borders to the transatlantic slave trade that made up the issues that finally tumbled early America into civil war. African slaves that were brought to the colonies played a major role in the civil war and the choices of the black people in the colonies may have single-handedly clutched victory for the union forces over the confederates. The aftermath of the civil war lead to major reforms in early America and changed the future for many African slaves in the colonies. The tensions that lead up to the civil war can be traced beyond the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America. It can be disputed but it is widely agreed upon that the root issue that lead to the civil war was the issue of slavery. Slavery has a history in America that began early in the colonial period, much earlier than the civil war and even before the country was even united under a constitution. In 1619 a giant ship filled with people and food brought about twenty black Africans to the colony of Virginia as indentured servants. From this beginning, slavery will be introduced to the future United States. Indentured servitude was…

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