Civil War And Its Impact On America 's Transition Into An Independent Functioning Country

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America underwent significant changes during within in a twenty year time span of becoming a new nation. It started with the Navigation Acts, a series of laws enforced by Britain on the colonists beginning in 1651. Post Seven-Years’ War, the Constitutional Convention in 1789, resulted in a different lifestyle for Americans. The Seven-Years’ War marked a significant turning point in America’s transition into an independent functioning country between the period of the Navigation Acts and the Constitutional Convention.

The Navigation Acts started in 1651 and lasted for many years to come. At the time, Britain was fighting their own war within their country, resulting in an English civil war and conflict between Scotland. England, still remaining control over America, was struggling financially as a consequence from the war, and America was facing salutary neglect. America began to build on their own and became less independent on England. Americans were shaping their colonial institutions to reflect a broad participation in government, including popular election of governors and other officials and the creation of representative assemblies to pass laws. The Virginia House of Burgesses, first called into session in 1619, was an elective assembly offered as an inducement to attract new colonists. The settlers of Pennsylvania forced William Penn to make three separate modifications to his original frame of government, each on vesting greater authority in local…

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