Civil War : A War Between The Union And The Confederacy Essay

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Civil War History Paper The Civil War was a war between the Union and the Confederacy in 1861 going on till 1865 this was a war between people in the same country resulting in one of the most gruesome and bloodiest events in America’s history. Since this was a very important war many remember it right after and even today as very important. This had been a Civil War so it was with citizens in the same country of course people will remember every aspect of what had happened in this event. Citizens will also look at the aspects of it and break it down to how it helped them after the war and even now in 2015. If some events hadn’t happened some people wouldn’t be as equal as people today as the people in the Civil War. The Civil War was so remarkable and honored since it led to bigger affects like amendments and acts to help people to their full potential so that they had been all equal and discrimination wasn’t how it used to be before that. The Civil War is remembered today as a very important part in history that changed lives for the better of all people.
Some people believed that the Civil War was a lesson that was learned since some of the tactics that were used did not help anyone really in the long run. Senator Sherman, Senator of Ohio, gave a speech in 1865 in Warren, Ohio and during it stated, “We have passed - fellow citizens - through the valley of the shadow of death; harm has come nigh us, but it has not overthrown us, and it is well now, as we pass out of the…

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