Should Blacks Be Allowed In Medical Testing Essay

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Phil Robertson once said, "I think our problem is a spiritual one. Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns." This is true about our world that is ruled with much hate and evil that it surrounds us. In this quote Robertson outlines how there is no good intentions in people anymore, because people always try to hurt one another in this world. This quote can be applied to many infamous tests that white doctors have done to black patients in the 1950 's. Many blacks during that time were used as test subjects for terrible experiments that ended with tragic deaths. Using blacks as test subjects was immorally wrong and inhuman because they were using humans as test subjects just so they could see how they would respond to a dieses that was injected into them. These were tests that were done in the past …show more content…
To explain, back in the 1950 's blacks were tested on by scientists in many experiments that were very common back then. In fact, those experiments that were being conducted on the blacks were illegal and some government officials pretended that they did not know about these experiments. There was one experiment that doctors tested on blacks it was known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study some experts thought that these tests were inhuman just like Harriet A. Washington says, "the long, unhappy history of medical research with black Americans" (Grady). What Harriet was trying to say was that the Tuskegee syphilis study was one of worst and longest tests done to black Americans. In this test doctors would infect 400 black male patients without them knowing, with the syphilis disease in the year 1932. They were left untreated for 40 years just "so government doctors could study the course of the disease" (Grady). This is just one of many experiments conducted on black Americans back in the early 1900 's and the late 1800

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