Civil Rights Essay

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Although the 1960’s are usually considered the decade of greatest achievement for black civil rights, the 1940’s and 1950’s were periods of equally important gains. Asses the Validity of this statement. Equality was always a touchy subject following the civil war. Following the war, the north did not put emphasis on equality for all men. It took almost a century longer for complete equality to be achieved. Clearly these changes did not come around quickly, and it took a large group effort to bring about change. The ending results of the fight for Civil Rights that came in the 1960’s are of equal or even lesser importance to the events that enacted the change during the 1940’s and 1950’s. The 1960’s were a time of great results of the …show more content…
These Efforts promptly continued at the turn of the decade. The Civil Rights movement really began to sink in leading up to it’s peak in the late fifties. In 1950, a major court ruling changed the face of racial segregation involving schools. The Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education was a shock to the US population that had Blacks all over seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Segregation in schools was ruled a violation of the fourteenth amendment by the court. This ruling was put to the test in 1952 when nine black students attempted to enroll in a public high school. Crowds gathered in order to stop the students. Then, President Eisenhower sent in a group of troop to escort the students to school; showing that the federal government would support the court ruling. More and more Blacks decided to take a stand. In Montgomery, Alabama, Civil Rights activists staged a bus boycott. These events turned more and more people towards the cause. As time went on, activists grew more organized. The events of the 1950’s set up the success that came in the 1960’s The 1940’s and 1940’s were just as important as the 1960’s for the Civil Rights movement because, major events during this era created a sense of unity that allowed for organization in the sixties. It is important not to overlook the necessary preludes to the march on Washington. Although results are finally felt in the sixties, it could never have happened without the

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