Civil Rights Vs. The Abercrombie And Fitch Essay

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Cynthia Andrzejczyk, author of “Civil Rights vs. the Abercrombie and Fitch ‘Look’” and “The Limits of Free Speech in Academia,” dove into the world of free speech and civil rights. Eleven years ago, Ward Churchill found himself fighting for his First Amendment rights when light was shed on an article he wrote concerning the terrorism attack by Al-Qaeda that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York (Andrzejczyk, “The Limits of Free Speech in Academia” 111). Churchill had accepted a symposium in New York at Hamilton College, but a negative response from the article led to the symposium’s cancellation (Andrzejczyk, “The Limits” 111). Many people were upset about the words Churchill typed up and posted. It grew so out of hand that citizens nationwide were giving their opinion about the topic. From protesters at the University of Colorado in Boulder to governors of Colorado and New York, many rallied to get Churchill removed from his job at the University of Colorado in Boulder as a professor in the Ethnic Studies department (Andrzejczyk, “The Limits” 111). After a two year battle, the protesters were buoyed by their win because Churchill was fired from his job. Churchill did not take this decision to signify the end of his career at the University of Colorado in Boulder and went on to appoint a lawyer by the name of David Lane (Andrzejczyk, “The Limits” 111). Churchill was no stranger to being outspoken. For example, he rallied to defend American Indians and their rights as…

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