Civil Rights Movement Essay Outline

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Kohlton Shields
Mrs. Blomme
Honors 1
2 October 2014
The Civil Rights Movement Abraham Lincoln. Jim Crow. Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King Jr. Rodney King. OJ Simpson. Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. All these names have something in common. They all played an important role in race-related events -some by choice, others not- in the American civil rights movement. In history, there have been many great rebellions. Few have had as great of an impact as the rebellion against racism. Racism has always been a part of history. From slavery to the Civil War, and from the Jim Crow Laws to the race riots in Los Angeles, racism has been an ugly part of American history. As recently as two months ago, race relations were dominating national headlines due to clashes in Ferguson, MO between black citizens and white police officers. The main ideas will be The Jim Crow Laws, Rosa Parks’ courageousness, and the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, and his tragic death.
From the late 1870s, Southern state legislators passed laws requiring the separation of whites from “persons of color” in public
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A courageous woman that was sick of being discriminated by the color of her skin, she was minding her own business, sitting in the “colored section” of the bus. But since the bus was full, a white person told her to move to the back. Rosa Parks had enough of all the terrible things she had been called and what other African-Americans had gone through. She said ‘no’ and one simple word got Rosa arrested. An uprising began. In response to Rosa Parks’ arrest, the Montgomery black community started a bus boycott, which lasted for more than a year. Finally the buses became integrated on Dec. 21, 1956. As newly elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. led the boycott (Brunner and Haney “Milestones in the modern civil rights

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