Civil Rights Brown Vs. Board Of Education Essay

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Segregation in schools is not something our generation has to go through, but it was a major problem up until 1954 when laws were passed to prevent it. Starting in 1896, the Plessy vs. Ferguson act was passed stating that, “separation of races is constitutional as long as equal accommodations are made for each race” (Civil Rights Brown vs Board of Education 1), but the truth is that “inequality was found [with separation] in that specific benefits enjoyed by the white students were denied to Negro students of the same education qualifications”(Civil Rights Brown vs Board of Education 3). Oliver Brown decided to fight this law so his daughter could attend an all white school near her home because traveling across town to an all black school was too dangerous; the case was named “ Brown V. Board of Education”. The NAACP was on Brown’s side and they were determined to prove that there is no such thing as separate but equal. When it comes to education there is no equality if severance exists, segregation prevents students from reaching their full potential.
Educating the young people of the world is how we succeed, separation causes lack of motivation and a feeling of inferiority. Academic separation puts the African-Americans at an unequal advantage. If they are separated at a young age it leads to a feeling of inferiority that does not go away. Court cases have determined “to separate [students] from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race…

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