Civil Rights And The Fight For Equality Essay

1014 Words Dec 16th, 2014 5 Pages
Currently, the United States finds itself in a very similar situation when compared to the era of Civli Rights and the fight for equality. One might be watching the news and or reading a newspaper and will see videos or images of police brutality or protests bearing a striking similarity to that of the South in the 1950s. Since the time of the Civil Rights movement and all progress that was made regarding the ending of the legal marginalization and mistreatment of African Americans, it sees like the United States is going in a backwards spiral and reverting back to its old ways in a more subliminal manner. We are now in a state of, “The New Jim Crow,” where minorities are being treated in the same ways that they were in the past, a state where the letter of the law isn’t being broke, but the spirit of it is. With the deaths of Trayvon, Martin, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown being the mosts recent and relevant in the media, we have to question where the state of the Unites Staes will be in the next several decades. It is naive for anyone to think that at some point in time, racism will not exist. We simply cannot force people not to believe in what they do and if we try, we are in turn just as bad as them. Whenever the Untied States is at its pinnacle of progress regarding equal treatment of all its inhabitants, it will be because people are educated and aware of all that is going on and wring with the social structure of the world we live in. That means that the inner workings…

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