Civil Rights And The Civil War Essay

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The United States prides themselves as being the land of the free, a place where people can come and live the American dream. Our country hasn’t always been free for everyone, though. African-Americans have not always been free; they were slaves before the Civil War and after the Civil War, for about 100 years, they were still treated unfairly and punished for not being inferior to the whites in their community. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were violated by the federal, states, and local governments. The 1954 trial Brown v. Board of Education ended with the Supreme Court in favor for African-American rights and ruling it was segregation in school was unconstitutional. Many civil rights activists were verbal about the poor treatment of African-Americans in the country. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was one of the most influential civil rights activists during that time, wrote a speech in 1963, about how he wanted America to unify and for everyone to be free someday. He had encouraged people to have a voice on their opinion of the treatment of African-Americans. Malcolm X had also had a large impact on the country but encouraged more of a violent way of fighting for rights. The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s was a major influence on the steps towards racial equality in the United States, however, there were disagreements with the way of fighting for civil rights and struggles of inferiority, people had to endure before segregation and discrimination…

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