Civil Rights And The Civil Right Movement Essay

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Civil right movement was very important event in U.S history. It changed every African americans lives to give them what they deserve. The goal of the civil right movement was to end racial segregation in the country and make African Americans equal with whites.The southern states of the united state treated african american as a second class citizen and they had everything separate from the whites such as school, restaurant, trains and restrooms. That means there was a separate restroom for black and another one for just whites, and especially train car for whites and another one for just blacks. They said separated but equal. However blacks were treated like animals and they had no respect from the white community, even with the right to vote the black community missed many rights that made them so powerless and they could not do much during that time. It was the same situation just like before the civil war until the 1900 when black people started to protest against jim crow laws.(1) There were many causes that lead to the civil right movement. One of these cause was Rosa Parks who refused to to give her seat in the bus to a white passenger in bus Montgomery boycott even if she knew that she is in the white section of the bus and she is black so she had to sit in the black section.(2) Her action gave black people power to try to end segregation in public facilities which lead the civil right movement in the 1950s. In 1950s when the supreme court said that the…

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