Civil Rights And Civil Liberties Essay

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From the time of America’s founding fathers, the citizens of the United States and its government have debated over the controversy surrounding civil rights and civil liberties, most importantly civil liberties. Civil liberties are “the restraints on the actions of government against individuals” (Bardes, Schmidt, and Shelley 106). The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, describes these liberties. Originally, the Bill of Rights only applied to the federal governments due to our forefathers’ fear of the possibility of a tyrant government. Since the ratification of the fourteenth amendment in 1868, the Supreme Court has gradually begun to rule by the incorporation theory, which is a view that suggests that through the fourteenth amendment’s due process of law clause, state governments are required to uphold the freedoms and protections defined in the Bill of Rights. Civil liberties serve as a controversial topic in “the land of the free” because it ranges from the controversies surrounding the Bill of Rights, to the right to privacy, the concerns of security, and the rights of an accused person. Furthermore, one of the most important freedoms is the freedom of religion. The establishment clause and the free exercise clause are the two main standards located under this freedom in the first amendment. The establishment clause determines that the national government cannot support a religious afflation and that there is a division between a religious…

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