Essay on Civil Liberties And The Civil War

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Although by 1820 slavery had been abolished in the northern states, the status of free blacks there was not better from that of free blacks in the southern part of the country. Except of New England only; the northern black’s voting right were denied. In the early nineteenth century New York required Blacks to own at least $250 worth of real property to vote, and New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut rescinded black suffrage
In several Midwestern states blacks were prohibited from settling within their boundaries, using laws comparable to those banning free blacks from entering the southern states. In the northern cities, competition between blacks and immigrants—mainly the Irish—for low‐wage, unskilled jobs created tensions that erupted in violence. A series of race riots occurred in Philadelphia between 1832 and 1849.
In the southern states slightly 300,000 free blacks lived in, particularly Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Southern free blacks were not actually free; segregation was the rule and reality, and law didn’t protect blacks for civil liberties and tradition or course didn’t support blacks. They still did not have such rights as voting, holding office, or testifying against whites in court. Only in Massachusetts, blacks were allowed to sit on juries. They work as laborers, although some as artisans, farmers, and even slave-owners themselves. In the south plantations, cotton became a king. Cotton took place of sugar as the cash crop, which was…

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