Civil Law And Criminal Law Essay

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Civil & Criminal Law 2 There is a level of importance everyone must have in understanding the law systems’ purpose. That knowledge enables everyone to comprehend what’s expected of each and every person. Also, everyone would share the right to judge crimes committed based upon the criteria established in state rules and regulations. Crime plagues our neighborhoods and communities. There are many people who commit crime that don’t care about the value of life and will justify their reasoning to commit their crimes. Some people have hope or belief that they are safe and that we are protected. A great deal of faith is held within the law system. It’s all people have to live in their communities’ worriless. According to David Friedman’s, “Should We Abolish Civil Law?” discussion he points out our paralegal systems have two categories: civil law and criminal law. Friedman’s discussion highlighted characteristics and differences between criminal and civil law. In the criminal law system the state is the one who would own the claim, they would be the ones to decide to settle out of court, the would also choose to not prosecute. (Friedman, 2012)
Civil & Criminal Law 3 In addition, they will administer punishment along with a fine, and could incarcerate or execute. (Friedman, 2012)
In the civil law the victim would own the claim, decide to settle out of court, and choose not to prosecute. (Friedman, 2012) The punishments would deal with award of…

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