Civil Engineer Essay

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INTRODUCTION- (50 words)

CE1.1 As soon as I completed my Engineering degree, I begin my career in M/s. Sobha Developers Ltd in May 2007 .I was assigned for the Construction of Sobha Beryl – Luxury Apartments at Bangalore, India. I worked as a site based senior project Quantity surveyor from May 2007 to September 2008.

BACKGROUND- (483 words)

CE1.2 Sobha Developers ltd, one of the leading MNC Company and they are the best Real Estate promoters
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Of days required for curing & Deshuttering.

• Cross checked the duration of all activities was realistic based on quantum of work to be executed..

• Allowed a lag of 20 days for each blocks and made the block which is starting last having the critical path with minimum float.

• I allowed minimum float to all the activities in order to put pressure to the execution team to finish activities in the framed dates & durations.

CE1.11 Every month end I used to prepare the two month look ahead schedule and the activities to be done was listed. Pertaining to the listed activities the materials requirement will be worked out. I will raise the purchase request by using software called “ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)” in which the total estimated Quantity for the project will be assigned. Later I have followed my Procurement team & supplier until the material reaches the site.

CE1.12 All activities in the schedule will be updated every week and scheduled with a data date as weekend date. With the updated schedule and with the knowledge of Critical Path Method technique which I learned from the total quality management in my engineering studies helped me to track the activities which are in critical path and discuss with my team about the completion of critical activities and how delays can be avoided.

CE1.13 I designed and framed a delay tracking

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