Civil Death And Its Effects On Society Essays

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“Voter disenfranchisement for felons has been around since the ancient Greek and Roman times. The English colonists brought the idea to America. Crimes against individuals and society resulted in "civil death," according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. This included loss of property and prohibition from entering into contracts.”(Shaw, News Max) Is this morally right? Although felons have been convicted of major crimes their sill apart of society after their debt is paid right? Or do they just go throughout their lives without being regular people. Just another number in the world who can’t voice their opinion like everyone else. As a result, they become physically withdrawn from society becoming physically. Personally they 're still people and should have the right to vote because it inhibits them from being a positive citizen, reintegration into society should include basic rights their debt to society is paid.
After a felon has served their time, what else is there to do them? Nothing. However in the eyes of America stripping felons of their civil liberties after they have been released is detrimental. Depriving a felon of the right to vote is a mindless form of retribution, which actually dejects the particular individual from becoming a positive member of society. With coming from a correctional facility for multiple years, an individual should be given all the rights as a regular everyday citizen. The facility or whomever deemed fit for the individual…

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