Civil Conflict And The Military Conflict Essay

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An alliance is when two or independent states’ official representatives sign a formal written contract in agreement to their roles during a military conflict. The agreement can be either to help their partner during military conflict, remain neutral during military conflict, abstain from military conflict, or to consult and cooperate during international crises that create the potential for military conflict. There are five different types of alliances, defensive, offensive, neutrality, nonaggression, and consultation. Mutual defense agreements are if one member is attacked by an opponent, the alliance members will aid with military defense. Offensive agreements is. “promises of active military cooperation in instances other than the defense of one’s own sovereignty, and territorial integrity.” (Leeds et al.2002, 241) A neutrality agreement is a constraint of staying out of other member’s wars. However, they must also not give aid to their opponent, and completely stay out of the entire conflict. A Nonaggression agreement is a contract where all states promise not to attack each other in the alliance. Nonaggression agreements are more commonly used than neutrality agreements, which rarely have been used since WWII. Lastly, a consolation agreement is when members consult or give advice to other members if they are attacked. Military alliances typically spell out what is to be done in the event a member is attacked. They are anticipatory, tied to…

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