Civil Aviation Authority Case Study

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*Civil Aviation facilities:
Usually consist Civil Aviation Authority of the facilities:
A - Civil Aviation Authority Bldg. B - Airports
C - Civil Aviation Authority building:
And containing at least the following departments:
1. Aviation safety standards.
2. Director General of Civil Aviation Authority.
3. Other departments as needed.
*Management of aviation safety standards:
Bear Aviation Administration safety standards overall responsibility for the activities related to safety in the civil aviation authority to monitor, the first technical department is responsible for the technical implementation of the policy on working vacations, flight operations and airworthiness. Therefore, they are also responsible for the harmonization of operating systems and coordination
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Example confirms the three main branches of the Department of Safety measures that fall within the scope of the current program of ICAO safety oversight, if the organizational structure depends on the size and the complexity of the aviation industry in the state.
* Manages as needed:
The presence of other departments in the Civil Aviation Authority depends on the size and the complexity of the aviation industry in the state.
Airport Management, Air Management Services, the Department of navigational services, etc.
The airport is a specific surface area on the surface of land or water, including the buildings, facilities and equipment dedicated in whole or in part, for the use of aircraft when they arrive or leave, or they move on the surface.
Airport facilities:
Runway / runway - corridor - the parking aircraft - Control Tower - Air Traffic Control Center -

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