Civil Asset Forfeiture : An Effective Tool Essay

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Many people see civil asset forfeiture as a defective tactic used by the government. Civil asset forfeiture refers to a legal procedure by which the government is able to seize and ultimately forfeit the property of people suspected of wrong doing. The reason why people see this tactic as execrable is the fact that the government can seize property from people who were never convicted of or charged with a crime. Civil asset forfeiture is constantly seen as a way the government can victimize innocent people to make a profit on seized properties. Although this is a rather harsh tactic it is an absolutely credible tool used by the government and law enforcement agencies. This tactic or tool has been used to employ against all manner of criminal, criminal organizations and also protects our communities from most criminal and drug related activity. Civil asset forfeiture is a very important tool in the law enforcement world and dates back to the seventeenth century.
In the United States civil asset forfeiture dates all the way back to the original thirteen colonies in the seventeenth century, but at that time it was a much different form of asset forfeiture to that of todays. It demanded that all resources exported or imported to Britain needs to be transported by a British ship, if this did not happen then the ship and its cargo could be seized by the king of Britain. The United States adopted this practice based on these British precedents, to collect payments within the…

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