Essay on Civic Engagement Speech Analysis : Presentation

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Name: Ngan Thu Bui
Civic Engagement Speech Analysis
1. For this Civic Engagement Speech Analysis, I will analyze my experience at the “Battling Speech Anxiety with the 3 Ps: Preparation, Practice, Performance.” The purpose of this speech is to demonstrate three practical ways to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. It was delivered to the audience by extemporaneous style. The workshop occurred in a classroom setting. There were snacks and drinks provided for everyone. The audience and the speakers were all college students. It was not a formal presentation where we should be quiet the whole time. It was more relaxed; everybody had a chance to raise their voice to participate for better results. One activity of the workshop is to present an outline to our partners. Some people were afraid of this activity, but I think it was a great opportunity for us to practice in front of our peers. It was less nervous than speaking in front of an instructor. One more advantage was that we can give feedback to each other.
2. The audience was college students so we are on the same educational level. Our age group falls between twenty and thirty. We have the same goal which is conquering public speaking. Knowing the demographics of the audience, the speakers at the workshop adopted friendly techniques to demonstrate the information. 3. Three main points are stated clearly. They all start with “P” so they’re very easy to remember. The speaker also used the transitions…

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